Category-specific races?

(Man) #1

I’m a C cyclist, and I want to participate in a race that only has C cyclists, and the results will only show C cyclists.

Do these races exist?

(Joe) #2

Not that I’m aware of. Some events do have staggered starts though. In any case - the results on Zwiftpower can be filtered to show racers grouped by category, so it’s easy enough to see how your result compares to your peers in a given cat.

(Man) #3


The thing is that I dont want to get distracted with racers from other categories.

I want to focus on my category instead of wanting to beat everyone in the race.

(Joe) #4

I get it. I just don’t think I’ve seen any races that were limited to a single category. Some group workouts and group rides are capped at a particular w/kg level, but races? I’ve only ever done those that were open to all.

You can filter those by ‘intensity’. When you choose ‘C’, you’ll find a bunch of workouts and social rides that are ‘C’-only. No races.

The one thing that can help is looking at the names of the racers around you. Many will have their category included in their name, so - if you see B or A riders… let them go if you like.

(Gerrie) #5

As Joe pointed out there are no races for only a spesific Cat and yes there are some that will start the different Cat’s at different times and the leader board will show all the “C’s” in a blue circle and “D” in yellow.

But it will be nice if Race orginizers had the option to pic that different Cat’s cant see each other, then it will be a true C only race. It will suck if it is a small race and only 5 C’s show up then you will feel all alone that can be avoided with a If statement “IF cat x rider number < 10 then show all cats else only cat x”.

(Man) #6

Thanks again.

How do I find the races where the categories start at different times?

(Gerrie) #7

@Vaughn_Myers: This morning’s Kiss race had staggered starts.

Ok I had to search a bit and infact I was wrong in my last post, it seem you can already have races where you only see racers in your Cat.

So I searched for “See only event category riders” on I I got a list of all the races.

See this Video of a KISS race where you only see “C”

See only Cat in a race
(A) #8

I would like to see Cat specfic racers inside Zwift.
It doesnt make much sense to use a thrid party website.
Looks like the game itself is unable to implement something like that besides it is confusing using a third party website…

  • Races based on Cat
  • Cat based on FTP/Victories/Placing
  • certain races only possible to join based on gained Cat

How simple is that? …

(Gerrie) #9

good morning @A_cid, we have not agreed on a few things, but with this one I am in Total agreement.

I get it Zwift don’t want to DQ racers that is why we have ZP, but a lot of the DQ is because there is no way to group riders in the correct starting block. If there was a mechanism to put racers in the correct starting block, we would have less DQ’s.