Is there a way to see which events have different categories racing at the same time?

Possibly a stupid question.

Is there a way on an event (or on ZwiftPower) of seeing whether an event has all the categories racing and visible alongside each other, or where you can only see the category you’ve entered?

Following a period of post-op recovery I ended up dropping down from B to C, but now I’m back up right on the B/C border. I’m enjoying racing in C because it feels like more competitive - I’m generally in the mix right until the end, whereas in B I’ll get dropped quite quickly.

On that basis, I prefer racing in C (until I get to a point where I’m moved to B!) but would be keener to enter B category knowing that if I get dropped, there’s a good chance I can ride with the C group, rather than be very lonely.

if you look at the companion app it shows the start times and you can easily see if its a mas start event

edit or use zwifthacks

edit 2 : beaten to it

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If you look at the race details on the ZwiftHacks events page, there are a couple things to look for:

You want “See All Categories” and not “See Only Event Category Riders”

You want staggered start times where the C category starts after B.


Why would he want staggered start times? If he can hang with the Bs for a while but then get dropped, the C riders wouldn’t be as far behind.

Well he can do whatever he likes, but that sounded like what he was asking for. The B group start will probably be a little less crazy if it’s not a mass start with the As. If you want to hold B pace as long as possible, rest a bit when you get dropped, and then try to latch on to a fast moving group of C leaders, that sounds reasonable.

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Thanks all for your replies.

To be clear, in case I created a bunch of confusion, what I am looking for is the opposite of what happened to me yesterday.

Borderline B/C so unsure which category to enter. If I enter C then I get a decent workout and can stick with the leading Cs all the way to the finish (but not quite good enough to win). If I enter B then I get a slightly tougher workout for 15 - 30 minutes depending on the course, then I get dropped.

What I really want is a situation where - if I get dropped from the Bs - there is a C group coming up behind me that I can connect to, more for the social experience.

Instead, what I get mostly is that I get dropped from the Bs and then spend 30 minutes or so riding around on my own, knowing that the next closest rider is usually 2 minutes behind me (and unlikely to catch me) and the group in front end up 4 minutes ahead by the end.

You could also try chase races, where the C cat starts before A and B, and the higher cats try to catch C’s before the finish. That way you can take it easy at the beginning of the race, and then try to hang on to the B’s when they catch you. Although it does happen that the A’s and B’s don’t catch the C’s, then you just get a hard C race.
Just search for “chase race” in ZwiftPower.

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