Combined Category Starts

Is there a way to have a race that A/B start together and can only see each other? Then also have C/D/E start and race together and only see each other? This would be for a short crit style race so there are not a lot of lapped riders.

Events can only set to have the following visibility

  • Subgroup only (you can only see your category)
  • Event only (you can see everyone in the event

You cannot specify which categories can see each other.

Thank you!

Is there a way of seeing which visibility category an event has set when choosing an event on the Companion App?

I find it quite frustrating that if I choose an event where only my category is visible, if I get dropped it’s then a pretty lonely experience. I have a much better race experience where if I get dropped there might still be a group further back that is made up from other categories.

Not on the Companion App, but you can do in ZwiftHacks: Events