See only Cat in a race

(Brad Blair ) #1

I am in the D category, but since all Cats are lined up together, I am soon riding alone after the start. I have no idea how many in my Cat are behind me, or ahead.

It would be great to see only my category racers, any way to do that?


(Joe Daknis) #2

Similar topics have come up recently…

See Gerrie’s recent post here:

In short? There are some races where you will see only those racers in your category (and you can find them by performing the search Gerrie suggests on zwifthacks), but there is no way (yet) to toggle this on/off for all races.

When you do find yourself in the mix with riders from all categories and you aren’t sure if your Category peers are ahead or behind? There is only one correct option: go faster! If they’re all behind you? There’s no such thing as ‘winning by too large a margin’! And if they’re in front of you? Going faster is the only way to catch them. :smiley:

Ride on!

(Pitch Blank) #3

Short answer. No
Long answer. Soon.

(Brad Blair ) #4

Thanks! I was not aware of Zwifthacks, but I will check it out.

And Joe, if I could “just go faster,” then I wouldn’t be a CAT D rider! Working on it though.