See only Cat in a race

I am in the D category, but since all Cats are lined up together, I am soon riding alone after the start. I have no idea how many in my Cat are behind me, or ahead.

It would be great to see only my category racers, any way to do that?


Similar topics have come up recently…

See Gerrie’s recent post here:

In short? There are some races where you will see only those racers in your category (and you can find them by performing the search Gerrie suggests on zwifthacks), but there is no way (yet) to toggle this on/off for all races.

When you do find yourself in the mix with riders from all categories and you aren’t sure if your Category peers are ahead or behind? There is only one correct option: go faster! If they’re all behind you? There’s no such thing as ‘winning by too large a margin’! And if they’re in front of you? Going faster is the only way to catch them. :smiley:

Ride on!

Short answer. No
Long answer. Soon.

Thanks! I was not aware of Zwifthacks, but I will check it out.

And Joe, if I could “just go faster,” then I wouldn’t be a CAT D rider! Working on it though.


Tried another race today, WBR 1 lap, about 10 miles, Cat D.

Another crazy start and after a minute or 2, riding alone, although I could see others in my cat in the box on the right.

After a 9 mile solo, I was listed as #11 out of 15 in Cat D. Ok, so what.

Over to zwiftpower about 15minutes later and I am in first place! Yes Sir! (But out of 4 or 5).

A couple of hours later and I am demoted to #2 out of 3. So, no pro contract.

Racing sounds like a lot of fun, but a solo ride for half an hour and weirdo results = what’s the point?

@Brad_Blair: Welcome to Zwift racing it is so much fun and addicting.

Zwift Power (ZP) takes a bit to update and finalized the results. So give it some time to filter, DQ and upgrade riders.

The other thing is not all racers opted in to ZP and unfortunately with the privacy rules Zwift cant send the data to ZP. It will be cool if Zwift could send the data without names, so at least you know where you stand.

Didn’t know that Gerrie. I guess my fellow “D” riders are not the obsessive types like the A or B.

Zwift Companion app now shows all riders and how you place in races, sortable by category.

I couldn’t find that. Going through last few rides, after the fact, and can’t find that. Where?