Identifying racer category during the race

Hi All

I did my first race yesterday and enjoyed it. But I am a bit confused on the category system. I raced as a B and set off at the start to hold the front group, after a few minutes it didn’t ease up, they carried on riding at way over the B level. Looking at the web it looks like all groups start together so I was trying to hold onto the A group not the B group. How do I identify who I am racing? Don’t they have tops or stripes to match the group colour or something. Sorry if this is obvious but I can’t find an answer anywhere.


On the right hand side while you are racing is the list of nearby racers. There is a circle with A B C or D in it. They are colour coded so know your colour. B is green I think.

Some races to u only see your grade other races everyone is mixed up. I think zwiftpower has details for if they are separated.

Thanks, I was looking at the riders rather than the other info.

Regardless of grade you should try to hold onto front group of A as long as you can though.

I thought that it was just a fast start, the shock came when it never eased up, I will be prepared next time and let it go a bit sooner if the riders are mainly A’s

You could also participate in races that have staggered starts and where each cat has it’s own starting time. That’s what I usually do.

I tried a hare and hounds last night. It was different! Unless you started at the front you couldn’t move up very easily, you had to put on massive efforts to pass people. When we caught the other categories you could stick behind them breaking up the group, not sure why, you would come us at say 42kmph and then suddenly drop to 40 when you caught them and sit behind. Something odd in the drafting metrics perhaps. It was a good workout and a bit of fun hard effort.