Racing in a lower category

Just confirming…

My ftw puts me in category B for racing, and I do races in that category.

Oftentimes, when I get on Zwift, and I am just looking for an easy/medium effort ride with a group, there are no group rides, just races.

So I’m asking: Is it ok/legit to register as a C so that I can ride with a slower paced group and just sit in the pack and not contest the sprint or affect the outcome of the race? I usually just ride in at the end with the main pack. Or, should I always register as, and start with, the B’s?

I don’t believe you’ll get kicked out or booted from the race. Your result will not count on the Zwift Power side of things. But if you’re just riding in the group, then who cares. Although, you might upset the C racers.

Instead of registering as a C, how about the following: If it’s a mass start, then why not drift back to a slower bunch. If it’s staggered start, you can ride slow for the first minute or two or three while waiting for the C group to come along.


Register as a B and just ride at the pace you want.

OK, you might come last in the B results, but so what?


I have no interest in my race results or my performance on Zwift - I only ride so that I can keep eating dessert and drinking beer and whisky and keep somewhat fit for another sport.

Usually, I do what Lin Alan suggests, but I got to thinking that maybe I misunderstood what the categories were all about.