Race in a lower category


Do you know if there are ethical, fair play, or any other issues, if a racer chooses to compete in a lower class race, while remaining within the power limits of the chosen class? And not really fighting for victory. This is done in order to make a endurance (L2-3) ride, while having the advantage of driving in a group, which is more animated.

And for the racer himself, won’t he lose points in his overall standings?

And for races like “Magnum mOnDayZ presented by Team ODZ”, which is special because it requires saving our “ODZ” and our category. So if we don’t do it and just do the “race”, we don’t have to worry about ranking since we’ll not be taken into account. Neither positive nor negative for this kind of race. Is that what it is?

I say don’t do it. If you want to do a L2-L3 ride than find a zwift RIDE. 

You will contaminate the race that you are doing. 

Also on zwift power you will loose your ranking.


Yes I think you’re right. 

Thank you for your answer.