Racing Categories - Entering Lower Categories

Each race I enter has a significant number of people retrospectively disqualified, a lot of them for being in the wrong category.

Strong riders (top end category C and category B) riders entering category D races ruins the experience for a lot of us and makes a signficant part of the Zwift experience unaccessible as, in trying to keep up with people that are significantly quicker and fitter than us, we burn out…

What can be done?

  • Enforcement/auto selection - one cannot enter any category lower than appropriate based on 95% of their last 5 race average
  • Handicap - if one enters a category lower than 95% of their last 5 race average, their max power/weight ratio applied in game is locked at the lower end of the category
  • Handicap pt 2 - entering a lower category “ghosts” the rider. They cannot draft, they cannot get power ups, they are not included in the in game results.

Any other ideas?

Something needs to be done; as it stands, Zwift is not giving lower level riders the full experience they pay for.

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