Cat C race but with A’s&B’s

I’m fairly new to zwift and rode my first race, I chose category C as I seem to average between 2.5and 3W/kg. I came 45th out of 100+ or so and figured, yep Cat C is where I belong but looked at results and says I came 5th, which was a nice surprise but I guess it means all categories are included, which wasn’t obvious to me, or am I missing something ?

Tip: sign up to Zwiftpower - they are the only results that matter.

If all cats started together then its possible that what you saw in the rider list as 45th out of 100 includes ALL riders. 3R do start most of their races with all Cats together (all pens released at the same time) whereas differentiated starting times its a lot easier to see who you are competing with as the Cats are started with a minute or so between them.

Using Zwiftpower before the race also allows you to see what your true competition is.

I like all Cats starting together as it gives you some fast targets to aspire to if you are at the pointy end of your cat.

sounds like a mass start event where everyone starts at the same time as @Dean has pointed out, you were 45th overall but 5th in the C category

On my profile page there isn’t an “opt in” or a ZwiftPower logo, what am I missing?

It’s been a while since I had to try but maybe have a read of this… it should help

How to Sign Up for ZwiftPower (and Why Every Zwifter Should Do It) | Zwift Insider.

And if it fails, let us know at what point

Thanks v much Dean,
I’m now registered with ZwiftPower

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Good stuff Robert - now ignore Companion App results and try and enter races that mention Category Enforcement - they wont have sandbaggers in them (people racing below their capability to stroke their egos). Its not quite fully official yet but getting there.



This link shows you all the races that use Category Enforcement: Events

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Thanks very much Dean, that’s awesome

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