Feature Wishlist

  1. More Challenges. Something to chase after and chip away at. Something that keeps me wanting to log in day after day. The Everest Challenge and reward was brilliant, surely more creative minds than mine could come up with some good stuff.

  2. Grouping Abilities. Give us the ability to invite friends to a group ride and ride a course, closed or open. I mean, this is supposed to be a social platform right? The limited selection of group rides that are not races means it is hard to find a group ride that fits into the time slot we can ride and the pace we want to ride at. And good luck trying to organize a ride with 3 friends and keep up with each other without distinguishing features (beacon, big name tag, highlighted rider visible at all times) through the chaos of thousands of riders on the road.

  3. Customizable User Interface. Sometimes I don’t want to look at the power I’m doing, or the time ticking by, or the miles slowly rolling over, or get distracted by the fact that some miscalibrated soul just flew by me at 10 w/kg. Currently I just create black windows to drag and drop over the user interface to hide it, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually see the visuals you guys create instead of hiding half of it with a gigantic UI.

  4. Race Results. Race results be kept track of by Zwift directly, and have some sort of categorization similar to USA cycling to automatically put people in groups. I can see people saying how people who don’t race much would just occasionally pop into the D group and win by huge margins, but this is exactly what happens currently in Zwift, exactly what happens in Cat 5 in USA racing. I know Zwiftpower filters those people out of the results. Zwift would just need to give them an upgrade. A certain w/kg could qualify for instant upgrades. For example you are new to Zwift, you ride a fair bit outside, decide to race, put out 3 w/kg, even if you don’t win you get bumped up to C category or something. Race results could then qualify that person for further upgrades. That’s the beauty of zwift, you can’t sandbag and get away with it. The game knows the power you put out and where you more than likely belong in terms of race category.

You should break these up into separate feature requests so people can vote for the ones they support.

But first check to see if the feature has already been requested. If it has, vote for it and post your support in that thread.

That makes it much easier to see what’s supported.