Achievements, and group ride quality improvements

Hi Zwift,


I have been using zwift for around 4 months now, feeling im fairly comfortable with all the features of Zwift, therefore i propose the listed below updates to improve Zwift:


  • More precise description when needed (e.g. 25 volcano laps, it does not list it has to be in the same workout, which equals to above 100km ridden in one ride to achieve it)
  • Add more achievements period! Within the first week of using Zwift i have achieved around 80 % of all achievements, only lacking those impossible for most such as (ride 100 miles, recieve x ride ons in one ride): Instead ADD:
  • :   x hours ridden, Complleted at least one lap of all wattopia routes (maybe excludingthe very long ones), the same for london and richmond and finally one for having done it on all 3. 
  • There are some achievements that are hidden as credits, why? Add them together with the rest of the achivements, and in general add some that take a bit of time getting but not as long as missions. Giving people small goals is awesome!
  • Add progress bar to applicable achievements: Ie riding a lap 14 days in a row, i dont dare to try it as i do not know if the system has registered my lap ride anywhere.
  • Add some fun ones e.g. get 3 of the same power ups in a row.
  • Beat a personal record. 
  • Complete an EPIC kom (cant remember if there is one atm)

Group rides:

  • We have races, but what we need is for people that know each other, clubs/friends (tri clubs , cycling clubs etc), to set up their own small “events” like a joint group ride, password protected ofcourse.
  • You could look into an option to tick on/off “Phasing” as known in MMO-RPGs so that you can choose between being the only ones in the world or also having all the other zwifters together. 
  • I would love to during the winther half of the year to schedule club group rides on a giving stretch/route, and have fun together.

Hope this get heard/reaches someone that looks into this, or that some of it might already be on its way.

A lot of good ideas. For group rides, there are tons of them, just check out

Hi Craig Nowak, 


I agree there are some great 3rd party sites etc. But i feel like the user experiences would be so much better if it was integrated in zwift. So you could search for races open for all e.g. on dates time and distance/type (mountain hilly etc). 

But also make your own lobby/event like in poker or gaming, if you just want a smaller more controlled enviroment, hope somethings like that is ready for the automn when people move indoor again.