The major fall/winther update Zwift could use!

Having used zwift all of last winther and this spring, heck even some of june, i really want to feel the motivation for jumping back on and get going for this fall/winther season. But i think a couple of things should be implemented to really move Zwift to the next level:

  • Allow people to make teams/clubs for the bike/tri club/friends. So you can arrange races with them (and only them), see when they are online etc. In other words private lobbies/clubs.

  • Allow us to change what world we ride on (i know this is in the works). 

  • Update the achievements. Some needs clarification (e.g. 25 laps volcano, is it in one ride or cumulative? (it is in one ride). But also adding more, this is one of the most motivation things to have something to do. Missions are more long term, but so many achievements are just waiting to be implemented:
        - Ride all routes on Watopia,

   - Ride all routes on all 3 maps. 

  - Improve a record, etc. so many options available. 
  - Then there are the “credits” that are not listed under acheivements and cannot be seen till you get them, why?

On top of this it could be awesome to see new routes (maybe a “real life mountain”), and all the awesome quality updates people have listed here the past few months. I think a lot of people look for something new and engaging to do their 2nd/3rd season of Zwifting.


Yeah the hidden achievements are weird. I thought I only had 1 to go to get them all but I now find out that there are hidden achievements for receiving 30 and 100 ride ons in one ride. I guess one reason for keeping the power ones hidden is some people and especially women and lighter riders have zero chance of getting the 1000, 1100 and 1200 watt power achievements.

The 25 laps is all in one ride and needs to made clearer. The 14 day one also needs clarifying as you don’t get it until the next ride after you’ve 14 days in a row.

Good ideas. Would really love to see some new level ups!

As an EARLY adopter (User ID 380) I’ve been on 25 for so long…

Or perhaps some running races, or even Duathlons!

Exactly Reinier, I might only be level 10, but it is kinda just a new bike at some point. THey could add rewards for harder achievements as well. 


Also just saw the idea of having a ghost, as you can in bkool, i think that is an amazing idea too (ofc only visible to you). 

Another customize feature mentioned here is that zwift only shows 30 day PR, but now i have not written indoor for 1½ month, but would love to compare times anyway.

Keep your records on Strava…it’s free.

Levels 26-30 are coming soon.

You can already ride in any of the 3 worlds.

Feel free to make a club or organize a ride. You can’t get a custom jersey, but you can pick one that everyone can wear.

Hopefully, next month’s update will include the mt bike course, but everything is still hush hush right now. they want it to be a surprise. The disc wheel will be one of the items you can get!