Zwift Hub page updates required

Is there any other Zwityz out there that wish there would be an update on the way Zwift give you access to your accomplishment, route selection and so on also after you start riding? I find it really annoying that if i want to select a different route after i started riding, i need to “quit & save” and shut down zwift all together. Also, there is no way to see what route you’ve already completed before selecting one, pressing ride, going into your menu, looking into your achievement and then realize that, yes you did this one already. I think Achievements board SHOULD be accessible prior to selecting a route! I’ve reached Zwift team to discuss on that matter. They’ve reply and told me to bring my concern over here and bring as many people on my side so they consider make some changes. Comon people, they need to make the updates so things start to make sense menu wise.