Group Rides - A, B, C, - On the Hour

Getting ready to come back to Zwift after the outdoor season and was wondering about the feasibility of platform offering bot led group rides on the hour?

Perhaps three levels A - B - C with a platform generated bot leading each to keep the pace consistent. 55 minutes or so duration, so the workout is finished in an hour. Riders can come and go. Just thinking it adds the group - social element, which is key long term, plus regularity of the offering, without requiring a human leader. 

love this idea.  especially if its possible to join the ride as it comes by and ability to see it on the map

Love the group workouts. Hate the fact that there are no “after work” group workouts on Zwift for US East coast riders (5pm, 6pm). The first group workouts are at 7:30pm which is a little late for us East coasters. Group workouts on the hour (or on the half hour) would be great!