Rides or races at accessible hours

I live in Seattle WA and I have trouble finding races or rides at normal hours: afternoon after I finish working.
For example, today Friday Oct 9th, the latest ride on the day is at 3:10PM and the latest race is at 2PM. Tomorrow, similar: no race between 12:10PM and 11:10PM and no ride after 3PM.
Why is it so unfair? During the week people usually “go” to work, even if it is from home. And even during weekends I personally prefer to do workouts in the afternoon. I don’t have time to do it at the limited hours these events are scheduled. It is extremely frustrating.


Friday is not a good day for Left coasters. Surprisingly, Saturday is really not that great either. Especially if your are like me and don’t want to ride before 11AM. I have, briefly, considered arising at a much earlier hour to ride. My past history with early morning workouts is not great. Have you tried riding with the Pace Partners? I just did 50 km with Coco and it is decent. I would like to give Bowie a try but I am afraid currently he is slightly out of my league.

Apparently, there is no good day for “left coasters”. There is a group ride on Monday at 5PM, but aside from that, nothing at “normal” hours.
My post was specifically about Academy rides/races.
I do get it that Zwift is trying to test the resolve of people from the West coast, but maybe people in UK for instance may feel left aside. After all they won’t get to show how much they love ZA buy going the extra mile and having to race/ride at odd hours :slight_smile:

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