Races the same throughout 8 weeks period

Currently I see there are 4 kind of group activities.

1 hour group ride
Time trial of 8km (Bologna)
Climb of 9km (Watopia Hilly Route)
Circuit of 13km (Volcano Circuit CCW)

Since we’re having to do 8 workouts and 4 group rides, are these the 4 options or will the coming weeks have different kind of races?

I’m trying to figure out for myself when to do what. I prefer these short races over longer ones so I definitely want to do them. However, I had planned to follow a 2 workouts, 1 race pattern. If these short races are not available in the other weeks I might want to change my approach.

I “think” there will be more as the event progresses since if you go to next week you’ll see there’s a Tempus Fugit 17.6 KM time trial.