Annual Calendar for Upcoming Tours?

Hey All,

Is there a calendar for the upcoming Tours or do we all just wait and see what Zwift ends up creating? It sure would be good to plan ahead / train for Tours. Plus I find the Tours to be the most motivating aspect of the Zwift lifestyle, so it would be great to look forward to them.



There’s no such calendar. Just be on the lookout for announcements of new tours.

Alright, well maybe you’ll consider planning ahead a bit more so you can announce at least quarterly Tours. They’re so fun when they come around.


What are we supposed to do? Zwift announce the big events so close to when they’re starting, that you can’t train or prepare for them. With outdoor riding events mostly stopped, I’d really like to have a few months notice for the big one day and big series events like Tour de Zwift.

Right now, I get Zwift emails sometimes, or I find info on, is there another place to look (and don’t say Facebook/Instragram, I’m not on them). I just want a page to go to that has a calendar of events out 3 or 4 months.

come on Zwift!!


I completely agree. The lack of planning is a real turn off.

On a slightly related note … why is it that we have to go into the game to view routes and badges? Why isn’t that information available on both the companion app and on the website? is the only place that we can view that stuff? So weird.