Help finding an upcoming event?

I’m looking for an easy to understand source for finding an upcoming event Series?
I’ve looked at Zwift Hacks but its hard to find a series in the near future to plan for.
I’m especially looking for series that ranks everyone not just the top 10; as a motivator to chase a ranking.
Thanks for looking


The Tour du Watopia is on deck in the near future according to Zwift Insider. Unlike the, now almost complete, Tour du Zwift there will be race ranking. If you aren’t regular reader of Zwift Insider you should be. I think Eric does a great job of keeping riders informed about upcoming race series. I am going. to ride in this Tuesday morning WTRL individual race. I am looking to upgrade my ranking and I have some good results from the Tour of NY. I certainly am going to do my best to find a WTRL team for the next season.