Set Dates for Big Events (planning a season)

One of the things that I love about IRL racing is that I can look at my season and plan races 6-12 months in advance (plotting out A, B, C races in my training plan).

I would love to have a yearly calendar for the Zwift big events (TdZ/W, Fondos, Stage Races, etc.) so that it would be possible to build it into my training & racing plan for a season in advance.

Thanks for considering!

You could do this with a free Training Peaks account that you can also connect with Zwift to log your progress.

It’s not likely to be something that we would implement.

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If we only knew the exact dates for the events months in advance…
You could list major (Zwift/WTRL/…) events and series in chronological order in a table. It didn’t have to be more advanced than that.

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Yes, what Ole-Kristian said. This is a request about knowing the dates of Zwift events further in advance, not implementing any software features. It’s hard to plan around and train specifically for big Zwift events if there’s only 2-3 weeks notice that they are happening. Usually my (and I suspect others’) training and racing calendars are locked months in advance, so it ends up being more of a “can I fit this into my schedule” vs “I want to plan specifically for this Zwift race as an A race for the season”.

Sorry - completely misunderstood the request. Not unreasonable at all.

Let me come back to you on this one.


Posted something like this as well some months ago. With zwift becoming a major player in esports there needs to be better planning for the major events through the fall (Sept.) to late spring(May/early June) indoor season for most teams and people set their plans to. (ZRL blocks, Stage races, select club races, select ITT or TTT) for a yearly big event series. Then fill the rest form there after TdZ, ToW, and other sponsor events with regular rides or other club races.


Bumping this back up now that Race Event Calendar, Videos, & Results - Zwift and the monthly calendar is a thing (yay!). It would be great if the 2023 dates for ToW, TdZ, Zwift Academy, etc could live here so that people could choose to plan their training around these flagship events with multiple months(?) notice. This would also give clubs the opportunity to engage their membership in training for specific series together.

A brief search showed that are a few other forum posts that are related to having more visibility into the longer term race calendar as well, so it suggests this is something the community is asking for:
Race Calendar (@Fran_Bambust)
Annual Calendar for Upcoming Tours? (@Devin_Columbus)
Zwift Fondo series? (@Hatch)


Yep, we’re on with this.

The racing calendar will show racing events, but we’re also looking at an event calendar also.

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Fantastic news. Thank you for the update, James!

Thanks, looking forward to it.