Zwift series calendar

Over the past years I’ve seen requests from people looking for a calendar that has a forward view of the bigger events/series that are coming so they can plan calendars etc - I’m one of those that like a good race series but need a bit of notice to sort my life out but unless you live on FB, you get little visibility and worse, you can get very little notice notice of what’s coming up.

So I scrounged around for event data and did this as an experiment to see what works for me - click to have a play.

I don’t necessarily want to create another website where people have to go off to when we already have Zwifthacks (my fav scheduling tool) and Zwiftinsider (for selected event announcements) so I chose this tool as it can easily integrate into back-ends, simply embed a view you can see, or I can leave as is - options!

And from ChatGPT - this is why it’s needed:

Displaying an event calendar for future racing events for the year ahead can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it provides race enthusiasts with an opportunity to plan and prepare well in advance. This way they can make arrangements to attend the events they are interested in without any last-minute rush or inconvenience. Secondly, it gives event organizers a chance to promote their events effectively and attract more participants. Lastly, it helps to build excitement and anticipation among the fans and helps create a sense of community around the racing events. Overall, a comprehensive event calendar can be an effective tool to improve the overall experience of racing events.

Here’s what the embedded data may look like on another web page

Feel free to comment the good bad and ugly.

* cough *

Seriously though, it is getting sort of ridiculous how many disparate resources there are just to make Zwift usable. (edit - OK, that’s hyperbolic. Zwift is usable as-is if you just want to hop on and free-ride or something. I’m really talking about enhanced Zwift with events, races etc)

Years ago, it was Titanium Geek’s FAQ/Guide/Wiki. Now, the Resource Wiki describes dozens of different third-party sites and tools.

My own request/gripe thread, imploring Zwift to overhaul their entire UX: Zwift: please make User Experience (UX) more consistent

ZwiftHacks Events page is THE tool for finding events but the presentation is pretty raw and I find it painfully slow to load. (on a fast internet connection, and a more than good quasi-gaming PC) I would love to see your suggested graphical presentation integrated into that. (or within Zwift’s own eco-system)

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Totally agree. I’ve chatted with Jesper in the past and plan to do so again soon. Ideally this would be all automated from Zwift’s feed that he gets but it’s not there yet so who knows. Thanks for feedback.


I’m still hoping for a more detailed annual/monthly calendar on Race Event Calendar, Videos, & Results - Zwift