Zwift: please make User Experience (UX) more consistent

First off: I love Zwift and am hooked to the tune of about 5500km last indoor season. I’ve tried “all the training software” and nothing comes close.

That said…Please, for the love of Jarvis, make User Experience (UX) more consistent.

I’ll illustrate the point with “Events.”

If I want to find an event I’ve registered for, there doesn’t appear to be any consistency between Zwift (the game), Zwift Companion App, Events page.

Companion App - Events Card

(clearly showing upcoming registered event) Events Page

“Manage My Events” - blank

In Game Events Page

(No evidence of being registered anywhere)

I’d LOVE to take part in more events but not only is finding one difficult, the process of doing so differs between all the channels they’re visible through, even though they’re all under the Zwift umbrella. At this point, ZwiftHacks own events page (which I have featured in the Monthly Resource Megathread) seems like the only sane way to view, filter and find events.

Events is just one example, mind you. I’d say this kind of confusing UX applies to just about every aspect of the game. (Missions, Challenges etc)

I agree, Zwift hacks is probably the best way to find an event, particularly if you want to see how many are signed up. That said, I prefer to look for events that people I follow are in rather than rider volume. I find the companion the easiest and most consistent way to find good events. If you filter out the “rides” and “runs” the scrolling isn’t so bad. You make a good point though, there should be a consistency between the “official” Zwift ecosystem.



Thank you for the very focused example. I’ve relayed to the UX team and we agree that consistency across game client / Companion app / web page can be better.

The example about Event search is already being worked on.


Thanks @shooj ! That’s encouraging.

I forgot to add one other thing that’d be awesome: the ability to FILTER based on “any mission/event” that’s currently active. Like, in the Companion App, or the game, or online, if there was a consistent filter method so I could quickly look at ONLY, say, “Tour of Makuri Islands” rides, that’d be awesome.

This is the “present state” in the Companion. (I’m not signed up for Zwift Academy Tri so that filter is irrelevant)

Thanks for reminding me that I hadn’t update my Companion App.

Have now done so.

I am signed up for ZA Tri 2022. Could you let me know why I don’t have the ZA Tri filter ? I still have the ZA Road 22 filter although it finished weeks ago.

IPad Air 2 for my CA

I just tested this on my iPad. Interestingly, I see the same thing - different event filters than present on my Android Companion App.

Zwift Companion App (version 3.41.0) event filter pages, iPadOS/iOS on the left, Android on the right:

Both are current, according to the official app version page.

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Take a look at the meetup creation between android and IOS. On Apple you can set time in 1 min increments but android only 15min (something like that).

You can select anytime on android too (or I can at least)

I should have said duration.

they just need to add a text search filter would solve a lot of the problems


I would also agree on the general UX, I’ve just started using Zwift and both my partner and I find it super frustrating the split between the Zwift app and the companion app. You can find your achievements only of the Zwift app. Your details of your recent activity only on the companion app. Your garage only on the Zwift app. The workouts also are only in there.

I understand that the game itself needs a large amount of memory and CPU to run hence needing its own application. But personally my phone isn’t powerful enough to have both apps so I have the Zwift app on my computer and the companion on my phone. So often I want to check something and realise I can’t get to it from my phone and then have to boot my laptop up to see it. Can’t you make it more consistent across both or if that’s not possible make the companion app do everything and the Zwift app purely for the in-game part?

Lastly as a beginner there are loads of areas and terms used that you have no idea about. At first I couldn’t work out the difference between a workout collection and a plan. Maybe you should have an intro tutorial for first timers that takes them through the app. It’s pretty overwhelming otherwise.