Tour de Zwift [2023]

Mainly not being able to scroll past the 2nd (with TDZ filter) was my initial concern

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There’s no TDZ filter in the companion app for me. Can see the events past the 2nd but scrolling through all events. Stage 8 still has that weird female only icon issue.

What TdZ filter - I don’t seem to have one on IPad but I will check I have latest CA update !

Entered stage 8 C group as a test for you and got

Then removed myself and got this

Sign on orange now appears on A group but not B.

Edit: but reverts to plus signs when I go out and back in again.

CA latest version 3.43.0 ?

No TdZ filter

Android with latest CA 3.43.1 (1497)

Yes have had same ‘conversation’ with CJ before

Edit sorry missed the .1 on your message. I will try again but my App Store doesn’t seem to have latest version - or more likely I’m just missing something obvious.


Here’s the filter difference between Companion 3.43.1 Android (left) and 3.43.0 (iOS, running on an iPad).

iOS/iPadOS version is missing the “TOUR DE ZWIFT” filter toggle.

On the Android version, when the filter toggle is selected, events after Feb 2 don’t show up. UN-toggling results in subsequent days becoming visible. (including Stage 8 TdZ)

Edit - also note the different OS versions of the Companion add different data to your calendar. (same time slot, different title & link/no link)

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What’s odd is even on iPhone the TdZ filter is missing for me, that said, I had selected it a while back (probably ahead of the last update), so that filter is still applied for me. It was there before, is not now.

But there’s no visual way to toggle that on/off for me right now. So it’s not just iPad, but also on iPhone apparently.

Yep, that’s how it’s working for me (Android). Trying to scroll past 18:00 GMT on Thursday results in the TdZ rides from midnight loading again. Trying to use the right arrow seems to result in an infinitely scrollable list of TdZ stage 7 events for Thursday 2nd.

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Still seeing the women-only sign for A cat.
Yes, I can scroll past the 2nd.
No, I can’t filter for TdZ.
iPhone 14 - iOS 16.2

FYI the make up week runs are a real mess on the companion app. Only stage 8 shows up under the run tab, the rest are under the ride tab. Also some of the stages (3–5) are too long for runs, looks like they are are the ride routes?

They should all be 25 minutes long?

Didn’t do anything, that I know of, last night but my IPad Air2 today has the TdZ road and run filters.

Scrolling through to 13th Feb works as does joining and leaving TdZ stages with green ticks or orange + signs.

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Yep, they fixed something yesterday afternoon (PST)


There still seems to be an issue with accessing more than 2 days ahead though. With just TdZ selected, I can’t get to Saturday using the ▸button; and when just scrolling the list, it gets to 1400 on Friday then starts repeating from midnight. (Android)

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Yep, same for me

They are 24.8 km long!

@KevinL - Sorry for the delay! I issued all members credit last night for anyone that ran Stage 7B yesterday. Please send me a private message if you still are not seeing it

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Thanks @manda_F I noticed this morning that it had updated in ZC. Thank you for the credit. Now I know exactly who to PM. :ride_on:

So now the make up runs have been taken off the bike tab, but only stage 8 is showing up on the run tab. I assume it‘ll all be fixed by Monday! ;~)