Improve Event Search and Signup

I’m constantly amazed by just how difficult it is to find and signup for events in Zwift. I’ll learn about an event that sounds interesting, go to sign up for it and then get lost in the poor experience that is Zwift. A few suggestions that should be easy to implement:

  1. Create a Zwift Event homepage with featured events- those being promoted by Zwift. And by events I’m not talking about esports that Zwifters can watch on YouTube, I’m talking events that every Zwifter can participate in.
  2. Don’t promote events until people can actually sign up for them. This is just good manners.
  3. Rethink the list UI. This is a horrible way to navigate through events. Most of us aren’t interested in events that occur while we’re sleeping so maybe provide a way to filter by time or hide by default events taking place between say midnight and 5 am.

The opportunity to ride with a community of cyclists around the world is what keeps many of us subscribing to Zwift. I’ve long said that what Zwift leadership doesn’t seem to quite comprehend is that the community is the product. So how about making it easier for us to find and join those community events.

Try this one.