Improve event sign up process

Sign up for the tour de zwift was a total pain! No ability to use a search string, and filters are super basic. Would be great to have a single event sign up page for large events like this, so you could just go to that page, click a set of radio buttons to select the stages, times, and levels, and be done!

Did you get the email that linked to a page with the events on? From that page you browse event times and sign up. No need for the companion app. Link below:

Yes, I did see that page, but when that page was first created, you couldn’t actually sign up from the page, and even so, you still have to click back and forth between the main TDZ page and the individual stages, thats a lot of clicking. However, this is not just about the TDZ sign up, its an overall improvement in the event sign up process as well, currently its not very easy to find events, determine the details of the events (like mileage and climbing, race vs club ride etc) subscribe to repeat events, etc etc. A table format would be great, and improved search capabilities would help too.