Improve process to sign up for events

Some suggestions after registering for the Tour de London. If these suggested features are already present they were not apparent to me.

1 Provide e-mail confirmation about what event/day/time one signs up for.
2 The event/day/time is not showing in my profile as video tutorial suggests it should.
3 Its not possible to filter by event. There are a lot of events and it would be nice to filter by event and then see all the stages for that event.
4 After selecting a stage to the Tour de London there does not seem to be a quick-link way to go back to the event to select the next stage – its kinda clunky.

Are you using the “Zwift companion app” ?
Because I really love that app.

  1. No email but it can send you a notification on your smartphone 1 hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes before the start
  2. When you re-open the companion app. On the start page, under events it will display your next event. With a message ‘Your event starts in 2 days’. And you can tap it to show you all the full details of that event.
  3. On the companion app, you can filter by type. If you only display ‘Group ride’. The event list will be a lot smaller
  4. If you did step 3, I think it is very fast. I signed up for all 5 stages and never had a feeling that I had to go through a lot of screens, or that it was clumsy to do so.