Add filter for Zwift Tours

I use filters to quickly find a suitable group ride during the day; however, especially during the pandemic, even a very highly filtered setting is crowded with multiple Zwift Tour For All, Tour de Zwift, Tour of Watopia, etc. events:

Could you please tag Zwift Tour events as “Fondos” so that we can hide them? Especially this week when there’s a Tour For All event every five minutes!

Yeah the fondo filter has basically nothing in it normally, maybe they should change the name of the fondo category/filter to something else (zwift tours/missions?)

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Its rather painful to search for events lately with the ginormous amount of Tour for All make up stages daily, hourly, minutedly.

I can hardly make out events I want to join or see any for interest and filters are simply not helpful. Worse of all, I even had a native holiday event ride removed after Tour for All make up stages are pushed down. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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My thumbs are getting blisters from all the scrolling to find a non-Tour event!