Event filtering/categorisation in Companion

I was looking for Zwift Fondo Series events just now, so I set the filters in Companion to “Fondo”:


This resulted in a list with no fondo rides, but it did show some time trials:


I expected to see the Fondo rides; these do show up if I enable the “Group ride” filter:


I don’t know if these fondo and TT events are tagged incorrectly or if the Companion filtering is bugged or both. The Zwift website lists nothing for fondo (and doesn’t list the TTT either even when trying to filter by TTT, but that might be because it only shows 2 days or so).

On ZwiftHacks, selecting fondo listed no rides (i.e. not the TTT events that Companion showed - ZwiftHacks correctly shows those if TTT is selected).

As far as I can tell the Fondo event type is no longer used. I suspect many users filter to show only group rides, when they probably are also interested in fondos. It would be more useful to be able to search for group rides with leaders separately from leaderless group rides, which are usually like fondos.

No reason why it can’t/shouldn’t have both flags, so it shows up under both filters. Unless of course, because Zwift.

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Well in that case I suspect it should be removed as a filtering option in the Companion and Zwift website. :smiley:

Still doesn’t explain why filtering by Fondo shows a load of TTT events in the Companion though. I don’t think it’s because they’ve been tagged as fondos, because they don’t show up on the website or ZwiftHacks.