Companion Event Fondo Filter broken

Fondo rides not being included in filtered list on either Android or iPad Companion.

Screenshots attached - Ride Scotland The Muckle Yin Fondo (hosted by Rhino Racing)

Does the Fondo filter ONLY work with official Zwift events? (or perhaps Rhino Racing needed to tag the event somehow but didn’t?)

Further, if I UN-select “Fondo” but leave other boxed checked, I still see Fondos:

It’s because I built these as “rides” and not “fondos”

It doesn’t look at the name, just the event type.

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That seems like it would just add confusion.

@James_Zwift Is this to say Zwift Events can’t be “tagged” in multiple categories, it’s one or the other?

Yes an event can only be one type.


That would explain why using the Filters in the Companion app often produce unexpected results.