Nothing but ZRL after ZCA update

I upgraded Companion on my iPhone & iPad to the latest version (v 3.43.2) last night, and now my “Events” list is completely dominated by Zwift Racing League events, despite having “Race” deselected in the filters. Is this a new “feature”?

What if you scroll down? Those few events only cover a few minutes. I have just put the same filters onto both my iPad and iPhone and I am seeing a lot of different events.

Just tried it myself. It seems like nothing will filter WTRL events. Untick all the event types and you will only see WTRL races. Other events will be mixed in if you tick one or more of the event types but WTRL events will always appear.

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Ah, I see what you mean, now. Maybe a flag is just not set correctly for these events?

Uncheck Fondo and tap Apply. The Fondo ride type isn’t used anymore, but any team time trial will show up as a “Fondo”. If you like Fondo events, they are all Group Ride type.

It’s been reported numerous times but has been like this for ages. I have no idea why.

Deselecting Fondo does absolutely nothing regarding my issue, which is that the list of events is dominated by ZRL races, despite having “Race” deselected in the filter. As a poster above mention, even if you deselect everything you end up with a list of nothing but ZRL races.

I understand that I can scroll the list and that, for instance, all the group rides will still be there, it’s just that the volume and frequency of ZRL races is so high right now that, without being able to filter them out, they completely dominate the event listing. I would’ve thought that deselecting “Race” in the filters would, you know, deselect races in the event list.

Sounds like the filter just simply doesn’t work, at least in regards to ZRL races. In the end I guess it’s an issue with me, in that I mistakenly expected a Zwift product to work correctly.

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OK that’s weird. I can’t replicate it. If it were my device, I would start by killing the Companion app and escalate by reinstalling it. If you’ve already done that, I have no other suggestions aside from contacting support. If you tap on those WTRL events, are they TTT events or road races?

We’re looking into potentially removing ZRL races from the public calendar as they are essentially invite only.


Good idea, but why would WTRL races show up when only Group Ride is checked in filters?

Zero idea. I have never seen this happen before.

Hmm, looks like A and B cats were deselected in filters as well, which would prevent something like TdZ rides from showing up, because A and B are used by those events for route selection.

Reset filters, then deselect any ride type other than Group Ride, then apply.

Still, WTRL should not show up in the results at all.

EDIT: NO I am wrong. I don’t know what’s going on. Shutting up now.

I was about to say… it would be nice if the ZRL events didn’t show up at all since we can’t join them (via Companion) anyway, and there are a lot of them.

I’ve had the same issue for a while now (at least a month, probably longer). If I uncheck “Race” and “Fondo” I still get ZRL races in my events list. Android, latest version of ZC.


Same issue !! Filter: group

Is this still happening?

Doesn’t appear to be. In fact the ZRL races appear to be gone from the events listing completely…I don’t even see them when I’ve selected the “Race” filter.

I see ZRL races on Tuesday Feb. 14 if I have “Race” checked. If “Race” is unchecked, I don’t see the ZRL events.

Which is how it should be.