How to navigate to major events webpage?

How do i navigate to the webpage (is there one?) with major events?
I can google things like “Tour de Zwift” and find an info page, but I cant find any link to that page from the zwift website.
I can follow the “events” link but it just gives me the list of races/rides for the next day.
Is there a way to navigate there?
What is the next major event after the Tour De Zwift? Don’t know what to google, so what link should i be following?

You can’t. The Zwift main webpage is basically a webshop, plus some hard to find links to useful info, plus some hidden pages like those for major events. It’s not very useful.


Sometimes your best chance is (which is a pain in the butt to get to from the zwift website. It’s actually impossible for me to get to the zwift home page because I am logged into to Zwift and it sends me to the feed page whether I like it or not. To get to the news page I have to scroll for ages to get to the bottom of the page and click on About - Press to get to the news page.):

But I never use that page myself.

I find the best source of news about upcoming events is:

Another page you can try is this one (but as it hasn’t been updated since 12th January it’s not much use really). The only way I can get to this one is to use a private tab so I can get the actual Zwift webpage (and not be redirected to my feed page) and select About - Blog at the bottom of the page:

Improved, long range, information on events has been requested several times on this forum.

It isn’t easy to currently find information or plan more than a few weeks ahead.

Links below might help for next few weeks.

Useful link to many many areas of Zwift not just marketing and media

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