Why isn't there a summary page that includes all Event Series like Tour Wat, Chase Cancellara etc?

It is hard to write a topic headline for this but let me explain.

I want to book in a ride in an event that is part of a limited series like Tour Watopia, Tour Zwift, Chase Cancellara, Eliel Fruit Funduro.

You get a link to look at the events just for that series i.e.

Why can’t zwift make a page (or is there one?) that has just like a single webpage with a button to open each of these limited events links that is a subpage of the main Zwift webpage already???

I have to go through a convoluted process of finding the email or searching my internet history to get the link.

And before it is suggested, I know I can look through the Companion App, however this involves scrolling and loading through weeks of other events as compared to these very functional webpages that let you search the stages and days and rides available very easily.

Any help anyone?

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Hi Milan,
that is ok, but I also would like the series info who many stages etc and these infos are only on the zwift event/series site.Why is there not a link to all series? Is this only for insider and not for all?

Aloha form Austria

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The event pages on zwifthacks.com are way way better than the ones on the Zwift website or app. You can filter by series, race type, even search for certain words in the event titles.

The events page on Zwift Power is also decent, though I prefer Zwift Hacks