Web page for events?

So when I want to sign up for Tour de Zwift, Tour of Watopia, Haute Route, etc, I always end up searching Google for Zwift {event name} to get the registration for the events in that series. And I tend to learn about the different series from Strava/YouTube videos.

The “Events” page is just a list of all organized events, is there a page that shows current/upcoming real events, like Haute Route? For the life of me I can’t find it. Would be nice to have them listed in one place.


Doesn’t exist on Zwift.com unless you follow a link they post somewhere, they are all hidden for some reason. I’ve suggested this before, they need a special events page that lists all the current and future planned special events/tours/challenges/race series etc., especially now that so many more are popping up due to COVID-19.


A filter function will be nice.

I use https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/