Please improve event webpages

I see this so often now, and I feel it really needs to improve.

For an event series like the current badge hunt for Neokyo, it is great that you list the date range of the event and the stages.

But there is NO mention of what the dates are for each stage! Yes I can scroll the whole list of 100 events and figure it out but why not just make this easy for us! What dates for each stage?

I know this sounds super critical but it seems like every single event there is some oversight like this which is SO basic and if another person were to proofread it, it would be caught. It has improved with the FAQ type approach but often basic things are left out.

I can’t post links apparently, but the ZwiftInsider version is done correctly whereas the official one is not.

I agree the “Event” website lacks quite a bit, even basic info on regular events (not just the special series and tours). For example, here is a screen shot of a race that starts soon… cool… what route is this on, what’s the distance and elevation? Pretty basic info that has been missing for years now. This is why no one uses the website to sign up for events and we all use the companion app or 3rd party sites like Zwifthacks. Zwift HQ should just get rid of it.

Further more, if you don’t have a direct link to the special series or tours there is no way to find them. Seems obvious to have some links at the top of the Event page to direct you to the current or upcoming special series and tours.