Booking Events

New to the forum and I did a search but couldn’t see anything specific on this topic so hoping someone can help.

When I get the notificationds about upcoming events such as TdZ or the training series I look to schedule in what I can. Thing is that the easiest way i can find to see all the options avaiolable and book in the ones that work is on the website and even that is a nightmare.

The list is one massive expanded list of activities each with the full description of the event. So if I want 8PM BST for stage 1 on a Wednesday for example, I have to scroll through pages to find the right one.

Once I’ve booked that one I have to start again at the top of the list and scrool even further to find stage 2.

Is there an easier way to manage this? I don’t understand why it is formatted in this way. Surely It would be better to have one entery for each stage that lets you expand to see the dates it’s on and then expands again to give you the available times on that day?

Additionally, there’s no way of opening one of these on a new tab (if you are considering options) as it just opens the page again at the top.

It really puts me off when trying to book these things in, so really hoping there is a better way to achieve this. I’ve tried the companion app and that’s worse.

You are right in that the Zwift events process is frustrating. Basic things like a text search are not there.

have you used Events before. It’s much easier to filter and find the events you want.

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I like that - still not fantastic, but certainly a million times better than the standard Zwift site!

Thank you!

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