2020 Tour Event Signup

On the zwift 2020 tour web page all the drop downs for selecting the date and time return no options, anyone else have this issue?

Yes, I don’t think times have been published yet.

Can you share the link?

e.g. https://zwift.com/uk/tdzride/ride-stage-1-london

No date/time options yet even after registering at https://www.zwift.com/tdzride

On the FAQ post (Tour de Zwift 2020 Cycling FAQ) Shuji said they should be in the Companion app from “next week” (that was 6 days ago), so I expect times will be available at that point.

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Thanks Daren, I have been all over the Zwift site and could not find it. :triumph:

This is correct, we are working to get the events in the system ASAP. Once they are populated, the site will allow you to select them in the drop downs.


UK user here … apparently I can’t even register to take part in the event (or else it has registered me but doesn’t give any notification of this). All I get is a broken TDZ ride page … which even has

subtitle here

… showing in the top left.

Doesn’t really inspire confidence. Previous tour events had great, easy sign up pages and left you in no doubt you were signed up and ready to go. This one …

Hi there,

This now seems to work OK … thanks.

Stil no times though? New term starts tomorrow, really would be useful to be able to place ahead for the first few stages like we have been able to in previous multi-stage events.

Will we be notified when we are able to sign up to specific events/time, or do we need to keep visiting on the off-chance?


I did stage one today. Received an email to acknowledge but no progress on tracker