Tour de zwift not on events?

Can anyone else see the tour de zwift as selectable event on the companion app. I can seem to be able to find it.

It starts on Thursday… If you are using the companion app hit events and go to tomorrow (in my time zone) and you’ll see them every hour

If it’s still a no show try resetting your filters.

All good, with the start date being the 3rd I assumed it would be available in the UK today. I have found it on the 4th of January. Thanks for the help

Technically it does start today in the UK. First one is at 7pm though.


Hi Craig, you’re right, it seems to be a bug with the Companion app. The 5pm and 6pm (GMT) stages aren’t showing in Companion (at least on iPhone) for some reason. Yesterday the 5pm stage was visible to me but not the 6pm, and now the 5pm one has disappeared.

Thankfully you can still access them (and sign up to these rides) by logging into through a browser and going to “events”. Once you’ve signed up, the event does appear in the Companion app with a countdown.

The 5pm & 6pm stages are also visible in Zwiftpower.

both the 5 & 6 show up in companion app

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Thanks Martin, good to see it looks to be ok on Android (that is Android, right?)

They’re still not appearing on my iPhone, so the issue might be limited to iOS?

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Yes that is Android (Galaxy Fold Z4)

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Can’t find where to post this so I figured I’d add it here. Apologies if not appropriate place.

So, the TdZ 2024 shows all of the stages as running from Jan 3 through Feb 19, yet I can’t get to any Stage 1 rides. Are they in a different place, or are they actually being staged in closed weeks where if you miss a week, you are out until makeup?

I snuck off for an away vaca, and seem to have imported a nasty flu that I’m just getting over (I hope), and need to start it up again. Is there a place to get to ‘Stage 1’?


@Rob_C_Neo_2 Each stage initially runs for a few days, so you can ride just the events for that specific stage when it’s active. For example, when Stage 1 is active, only Stage 1 events are available, and once we’ve moved on to Stage 2, you can no longer enter Stage 1 events (just Stage 2 events).

There will be a make-up week with events for all of the stages available, at the tail end.

Here’s a link to the schedule: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

(One caveat is that there are races each weekend, which follow a different schedule.)

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Okay, so when do the stages end? When does Stage 2 end, to be picked up on Makeup?

It would have been so much better if the dates were THE dates, not the range of the tour. -10 for being helpful?

Thanks. This flu had me on the ropes…:disappointed:


Robert Cowling

@Rob_C_Neo_2 If you click the link I posted you’ll see that Stage 2 runs from January 8 - January 12. Each stage lists its initial dates.


I am so sorry, I was multitasking and didn’t read the rest of your message. So I have tomorrow to do Stage 2. I guess I have to get it in gear. Might have to phone that one in though.

+10 for support!

Ride on!!

And thank you!

@Rob_C_Neo_2 Understood! Hope you’re feeling back to normal soon. The flu sucks!

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What race? It’s Friday, and Stage 2 of the ‘tour’ was an all out race. Not that that is unusual, it’s ALWAYS a race… :man_facepalming:t2: