SIS Tour de Oz - Stage 1 Missing from Zwift Companion App

(Simon Hevey TBR 138) #1

Anyone else not seeing Stage 1 for this event on their Zwift Companion app?


Stage 2 shows for me though.

(Kevin Medina Ruiz) #2

Yes. I did through the web version. Then it showed up as an event in the app.

(Simon Hevey TBR 138) #3

Cheers Kevin, I’ll give that a go…

(Gary D) #4


Sorry to hear you’re not seeing Stage 1 of the Tour de Oz in the Companion app! 

I just logged into the Companion app on my iPad to test this out. When I tapped the arrows next to the date to “fast forward” to July 7th, the 1:00 AM Stage 1 ride was the first entry (the displayed time could definitely be different for you - it should be adjusted for your time zone).

Would you mind giving that another shot using the arrows? If you still don’t see it, I’d like to create a support ticket for you so we can pinpoint what’s causing this.

(Glen Porteous) #5

I wasn’t seeing any of the events. To fix Iogged out and back into the Companian app and all is now good.

(Simon Hevey TBR 138) #6

Hi Gary,


Thanks for the reply.

Have logged out and back into the app and they are still not showing.

I even added Stage 1 to my events via the website. This now shows up in “Your Events starts in xxx days”, but if i search for it via the events section it isn’t there.


I will create a support ticket for this.





(Julie Ooi ZBR) #7

Several ZBR folks are having the same issue (not seeing Stage 1 in ZC app) - they have to sign up via the website.


Logged out and in still doesn’t show any sis stage 1 or 2 events on app.