SIS Tour de Oz - Stage 1 Missing from Zwift Companion App

Anyone else not seeing Stage 1 for this event on their Zwift Companion app?


Stage 2 shows for me though.

Yes. I did through the web version. Then it showed up as an event in the app.

Cheers Kevin, I’ll give that a go…


Sorry to hear you’re not seeing Stage 1 of the Tour de Oz in the Companion app! 

I just logged into the Companion app on my iPad to test this out. When I tapped the arrows next to the date to “fast forward” to July 7th, the 1:00 AM Stage 1 ride was the first entry (the displayed time could definitely be different for you - it should be adjusted for your time zone).

Would you mind giving that another shot using the arrows? If you still don’t see it, I’d like to create a support ticket for you so we can pinpoint what’s causing this.

I wasn’t seeing any of the events. To fix Iogged out and back into the Companian app and all is now good.

Hi Gary,


Thanks for the reply.

Have logged out and back into the app and they are still not showing.

I even added Stage 1 to my events via the website. This now shows up in “Your Events starts in xxx days”, but if i search for it via the events section it isn’t there.


I will create a support ticket for this.





Several ZBR folks are having the same issue (not seeing Stage 1 in ZC app) - they have to sign up via the website.

Logged out and in still doesn’t show any sis stage 1 or 2 events on app.