Finished Stage 4 of Tour of Watopia but it’s not shown in the Stage Overview

Hi Zwifters Fam,

I was on my bike cycling stage 4 of the Tour of Watopia and the Battery of my ipad was running low. I opened Zwift on my iPhone hoping that I could „transfer“ the Race from the iPad to the iPhone during the ride - similar to what you can do with a MS Teams call during the call. Unfortunately this didn’t work and even worse it said on my iPad that my connection was lost and I couldnt see any other Zwifter anymore riding with me but I still saw the remaining km and finished the stage. Now it says in my activities that i finished stage 4. But if I look at the Tour stages overview on my start screen of the companion app it says i have done stage 1-3 but not 4th. Should I do it again? Is it a bug? Gas Someone Made similar experiences and can help?

Thanks all