Tour de Zwift - Stage 3 events missing from Jan 7 listing

i was planning to ride Stage 3 of the Tour de Zwift today (Jan 7) at 1p or 3p. They were listed on my companion app and the web version last night. now there are no Stage 3 events until 11p tonight and the ones listed tomorrow. was that a glitch? was it never supposed to be available today? anyone else see this?

Hi de Nacho,

There’s no TdZ planned for this day. You can Google de TdZ calendar. Sorry for not giving more info but i’m on the phone atm. :wink:

You can see all the Stage 3 events here:

yes but i must have misunderstood and mixed up the 8th with the 7th. i could have sworn they were going on today as well. obviously my mistake. thanks!