Why don't the TdZ stages have the dates specified?

I started doing the Tour de Zwift but I’ve already missed one ride because the stages all show the full range of dates, Jan 3 through Feb 19. Why don’t they show the dates they’ll be available? Where is there a calendar?

Check out the link in the companion app

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I don’t use the companion app, nor do I come to the forums often. It just felt like a mystery to find how to ride this in the first place, and I find that a lot with Zwift.

When you click on the Tour de Zwift icon on the main app page, you’d think it would just show the dates under each stage. It is deceiving to put the whole date range with each stage because that to me means that it’ll be available the entire time, and it’s not.

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And no matter if you use CA or read forums or contantly refresh if Zwift Insider how something new to share :sweat_smile:
Why oh why those dates are year after year not in place on actual game…
For sure you are not alone @Zac_Fisher with this. Pretty frustrating :exploding_head: