Haute Route Watopia 2022

Im a little pessimistic of this happening a third year running. Looks like Haute Route have partnered with a different online platform as their “official virtual training platform”.

Hoping I’m wrong though. Anyone from zwift able to comment?

Looks like their still partnered… https://www.hauteroute.org/about/partners

It’s fulgaz now.

Looks like that just changed.

Changed a couple of weeks back, at least that’s when I seen the announcement.

Hopefully Zwift will have a similar weekend event / challenge to sink our teeth into beyond the normal Tour de Zwift and Tour of Watopia should Haute Route not happen.

The best hope could be Zwift doing a few more huge climbs in a world to replicate a stage or two of a real Haute Route.

Otherwise, provided Covid doesn’t interrupt you could come ride the real one next year. :wink:

FRR tour of watopia stage race in early January is doing the something similar to last years haute route with the last three stages if you want that challenge.

Is there anywhere to find out about TdW or TdZ sooner? Normally I see the events only 8 days out when they pop up in zwiftinsider, but I’d really like to know sooner so I can plan (fitness and time to do the rides).

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I think that is considered “very advanced notice” in Zwift’s world :wink:

I don’t expect to hear anything until at most a few weeks prior, usually it will be announced here in the forums first, so keep an eye out.

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I’d be gutted if that was the case. The Haute event last year really got my wife into cycling in general.

Real shame if it isn’t on Zwift this year

Last year Tour de Zwift was announced on Nov. 20th for a Jan. 4th start. No such announcement yet this year.

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Last winter/indoor season (2020-21) Tour de Zwift rides was mid January into Feb. Then Tour of Watopia was late March/April. Not sure on past years. For haute route moving on it sort makes as they can use videos with GPS data form their IRL stages to use to translate to trainers. Hoping all the graphics, flimed video action pace, and trainer interfaces work at various riders current speed which tends to be the downfall for videos with GPS data if rider not to close video action pace.

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The Ironman Group purchased the Haute Route organization last month. Fulgaz is also one of their sister brands, so they made a common-sense tie-in.

But fear not, lovers of epic climbing events! Zwift is working on something you’ll find satisfyingly challenging. Keep an eye out for the announcement Zoon™


Fondo series?

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Would be great, hope so!

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I truly hope there will be a multi-day (weekend) climbing event, like the Houte Route Watopia cycling challenge. I hope the Wahoo Climb Mission is not the satisfying event you are talking about…

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We’re going to be posting information about a climbing challenge in the very near future. Keep your eye peeled :slight_smile: