3 Day GC Zwift Challenge Event

Edit- just been on Zwift hacks and see the rapha rising event is scheduled for this year again. Question answered.

Just wondering if there is plans for a similar 3 day GC style stage event planned for February 2023. Last few years there has been something, 2 x Haute Route events (2020 and 2021 respectively) and last year was the wahoo rise up event (2022). For the peak indoor season in the northern hemisphere, I’ve always found these brilliant and the ideal challenge to sign off the indoor season as spring approaches and outdoor riding begins to phase in.

Just wondered if there is any news of something for this year. The monthly missions have been excellent and the launch of Scotland map has also been a nice addition to fill in the time between TdZ and ToW. I generally find ToW difficult to complete as the transition to outdoor riding normally takes over and reduces the indoor sessions (personally). But the 3 day stage events as mentioned above have always been well received and attended by participants so would love to know if another is planned for this year.

It looks just like Zwift read your post, and where thinking ; ahh we can do that. Just quickly plan a couple of rides.

I don’t get it, why can’t Zwift just publish a simple calendar with the key events per year or period

Some events are so good, I want to make time for those events. Just like I do for IRL outdoor events.

This is too much in a short notice to change plans.


I hear you man. It was pure coincidence I happened to check Zwift hacks last night after posting on the forum and spotted the events towards the end of the month, same weekend as last year. Does seem a bit last minute since even the kit reward is the same as last years so nothing to get overly excited about.

I mean I think the esports world champs and new map developed for it has been the big consumer of resources but whilst there is an abundance on events centred around new maps and tours for various things, the past 3 years with the 2 haute route events then the rapha rising event last year have been so well attended and participated, you would think they would push out coverage and hype it sooner than a mere 10 - 12 days in advance.

For the Haute Route in 2021, there was an 8 week training schedule of group work outs then there was the Zwiftinsider badge hunter (Uber pretzel) the weekend before. I get we were all in lockdowns back then but there was a real appetite in the community for these big winter challenges and I think there is still a big appetite in the community for these today. We are still in peak indoor season so I’m with you, I wish Zwift would map out an event calendar at the beginning of the year to highlight marquee events and any supporting preparation group rides ahead of them for folks to be able to plan accordingly.


Even so, I appreciate your post because it clued me in to this upcoming event! Agreed that it seems hastily scheduled, especially considering the repeat of last year’s kit (which folks were roasting in the chat, during the rides).

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@DejanPresen has also put on some short GC events that you might fancy. I haven’t managed to finish one yet but the events have been great. Search for VirtuSlo in ZwiftHacks or zwiftracing.app

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