Haute route’s newest epic event: Watopia April 3-5th

Haute Route Watopia is happening April 3-5th Save the date!!

Take a look at this, This will be a real challenge and a very rewarding ride.

Haute Route Watopia

I would love to do one of these IRL someday, will settle for the virtual version for now.

More info on ZI:

Guess who’s doing a midnight workout. /o\

I understand Zwift is a global platform and it’s hard to offer times that work for everyone, but I do wonder sometimes if these things are really thought through - or at least who they’re aimed at.

For UK riders for example, many will be at work at 11am on a Monday morning. Many won’t be home by 6pm, and of those who are, some will be spending time with kids/putting them to bed/eating. The next sessions are midnight at 3am, neither of which work well for someone in my time zone - and I suspect even less for CET.

A 9pm or 10pm addition would be great.

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I realize Zwiftinsider is not the be all and end all but:
From Zwiftinsider

Each stage will be run across multiple time zones (event dates/times were not available when this post was published, but they will be added here once released).

I assume they are still adding rides, April is still a long way in the future.

The group workouts are supposed to start next week however… hopefully they are adding more times @Daren

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Yes, but the first group workout (that I posted the times for) is this coming Monday, just a few days away. =)

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Good point Daren.
I did not notice it is group workouts. I wonder if we will be able to do the workouts on our own time. I prefer it that way.

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Yeah, I guess we will if it’s added as a specific training plan or something. But I was interested in doing the group workout. Admittedly, I’ve only ever done one (maybe two) before, but this kida makes it not even an option - and I’m sure many others are similarly affected.

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I look like the times is focused on the USA, there are workouts 6am my time, that does not happen often.

Load see if they load more days and times. :sunglasses:

I really hope the jersey unlocked in the workouts is not the same as the finisher’s jersey.

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How much do you think Haute Route is paying for this? Five figures? Six figures?

Do you think we will get route badges when riding this event, since we are starting from the start pens and not going through the start banner at the beginning of the ride?

I would expect and hope so.

Events will be the only time some people would take on some of the longer routes. I’ve certainly had route badges from events, and as far as I know most start pens are before the route start - hence the lead in portion of many events.

I expect you will.

I did Big Loop during TdZ, got the badge, but the ride on strava doesn’t show the Zwift Insider Verified segment because the start pens are after the start/finish banner.

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I don’t really care, the nice part is I don’t have to pay to do the event. :sunglasses:

1 Three Sisters
2 Fire and Ice
3 Pretzel
So for workouts, why not just ride those courses? :rofl:

Maybe Zwift has to pay them to use their title and trademark.

Totally agree, need to be some early (6am) and later rides

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As it is in April the clocks would have been pushed to BST meaning that 6pm GMT is actually 7pm. That also makes your midnight workout at 1am!!!

Nah these times are for a group workout next week. =)