Haute route’s newest epic event: Watopia April 3-5th

3 workouts Mon/Wed/Fri just next week. Surely they will repeat these before April? And besides, for rubbish climbers like me who choose to do the 3 stages of Innsbruck this weekend, not exactly great prep for a Mon workout I wouldnt have thought… #KOMagain?Ohgoonthen

There’s more to come, only the first week has been scheduled so far. Check for more schedules including pro rides soon.

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Hi, Does anybody know yet if these times are set or if there will be more since they simply don’t ‘work’ for normal people in the UK?

Have you ever done a delayed start for a workout? You’ll be by yourself but you will still get the same benefits. The auto join will set you in the pens and you simply ride after you get home and ready to start. Not a great option but functional.

See, how do you do that hack please.

I turn on my computer, start up my Zwift, and leave.
I’ve already signed up for the event on Zwift app.
The system will auto join event at 5 or 10 minutes before the start.
When I get home, I’m an hour late but I can start the group workout.

Zee, Thanks so much for the insight.

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Hi, Has anyone had the same experience as me. Did not receive the cap and socks unlock for the Haute Route Pro Ride at 7.00 pm on 10/03. My ride was properly recorded on the Companion App and I even received an e-mail to say that I had got the unlock. Have reported this to Zwift Support and got the response that I may be ‘possibly credited’ with ‘no exact timeline for my request to be reviewed’ as this is a ‘manual process’. Happy days. Might ‘possibly’ pay my next subscription!

From the announcement of this event, I’ve wanted to take part, but the scheduling is terrible for me (in EST/EDT).

Group workouts were fine, but the only “Ride With Pro” events I ever saw in the schedule were in the middle of a workday on a Tuesday (seems to be a common thing with pro rides).

Now, looking at the actual ride events and Stage 1 is terrible. My only semi-realistic option is at 5am. After that, there’s a 4 hour gap and every remaining ride is in the middle of my work day. Nothing available in the evening.

I don’t understand Zwift’s scheduling for ride events like this. It doesn’t require ride leaders, so why not make them every hour spread throughout the day?

In the past, I’d have thought it to concentrate riders into fewer, larger rides.

But given the numbers we’re seeing these days, I’m inclined to ask the same question.