Ride Like King 11

(Mike) #1

Just found out about this event series via a promoted post on facebook from Giant:

Seems like Zwift is hiding these things by burying them on the website. Why is there no direct link the event series pages from the main events page on zwift.com? Unless you know the exact web address how do you find them? Another example: Tour of Watopia - no links to event page anywhere.

Is there a reason it is so hard to find events on zwift.com?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

Some thing like this:

(_) #3

Thanks for posting. I agree that the zwift website is sketchy at best for finding event info’s.

Your post is why I visit the forums. Whenever there are unique events or events that offer up IRL prizes it’s good to know and I like to take part. 15 IRL jerseys up for grabs in this 3 day series, awesome.

(Mike) #4

Gerrie, that would be great if they put something on the main homepage, I would settle for a much better events page with more filtering options such as distance or world sorting, and links to their special events like the tours, Giro d’Italia, Ride Like King, etc…

(Mike) #5

I use the apple tv ap and never actually log in to the website. When I read the forums I frequently don’t know what people are talking about.

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #6

I agree that Zwift should do a better job of maintaining their own website and disseminating info about their own services, but until they do, community driven resources are our best tools for staying up to date. Keep an eye on https://zwiftinsider.com/ and Zwift Riders Facebook Page for announcements and discussions about new and upcoming events and challenges.

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(Z Kryder) #7


Tour: https://zwift.com/events/tag/tow2019

(Lin) #8

Not always, but you can often find information on the “Community” section of the Zwift site:

If you go to Events, you get a schedule much like you see in the Companion app, on ZwiftPower, Zwifthacks, etc… This should be relabeled as “Daily Schedule” or something similar.

But I agree, Zwift should do a better job of presenting upcoming special “events”.

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(Chuck) #9

The root address for all these types of events is zwift.com/news… but there is no news button on the home screen.

I agree they need a better UI on the website to track these things down, instead of me saving old email notifications.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #10

From the home screen Zwift.com scroll down and click on community,