Events page suggestions for Website (and app)

  1. Search filter. Eg. I want to search for events containing “Tour de Zwift” in the title. This would be especially helpful for repeat events.

  2. Calendar Search. Eg. Rather than scrolling through a massive list for events, I might like to only see what events are on February 12th.

  3. Display the day/date next to each event. With so many events in the list, once you have scrolled past the day/date title, you can easily lose track of which day you are looking at.

In the Companion app, you can already page through events by day, and filter out certain types of events. As you scroll down the list, the date shown at the top updates.

So that should cover requests 2 and 3 in the app.

It would be nice if Zwift were to program better search criteria in their own website. But until they do the is a pretty sweet event search app at zwifthacks that does everything you’re asking for: