New B&W 'Team Canada' Jersey ? - How to get one

I just saw a couple of riders wearing a B&W ‘Canada’ jersey - I assume it’s some sort of ‘Team Canada’ - type jersey.

Does anyone know what this is and how you can get one - is there an ‘unlock code’, or do you have to be a member of a team?


Would like to know this as well.

Most likely a national team jersey.
Is Canada having a national title on Zwift?
USA just had one, and is was great.

Cycling Canada hosts Monday group rides weekly. Participants unlock the kit


I did a full ride last nigh to get the jersey but it didn’t unlock. Only had it during the ride. Ideas

Did you figure it out?

No, I didn’t. I found a canada club group ride and you had the jersey during the ride but it did not unlock the jersey as some had indicated

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I’ve ridden two Monday nights. I’m going to try the Wednesday ride. There is a pro rider each month. If that does not unlock, I’ll do the Sat ride.

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I did the Saturday ‘Fundo’ Canada group ride - No Jersey :frowning_face:

The ride description doesn’t say that it unlocks a jersey for your Garage.

To everyone that would like this Jersey, it can be achieved by riding the Wednesday evening group ride that occurs every 3 weeks. The ride was just completed on March 13, so look for the next on April 3.


When’s the next Wednesday ride to earn the jersey??

I attended the ride on the 3rd (and got the jersey) and on the ride notes it said it was “the last ride of the season”. So it may be awhile?