How do I get the TFC jersey?

I’d like to earn the TFC jersey, but so far have not had any luck. Am hoping others can provide some advice.

Participated in a couple TFC rides that showed in the results while searching for #jerseyunlock rides, but did not get the jersey unlocked.

Visited their website and saw that to earn the jersey the ride must be 1) a race, and 2) on Friday. Some sentences include a stipulation that it be on Friday “night”; however, it can be when it is night in the UK, even if it isn’t nighttime in the rider’s time zone.

So, after riding in two races on Friday, one when it was night in the UK, and one when it was night in the EST timezone, still no jersey.

But… both were D-cat races, and I’m not D-cat. Maybe TFC has disqualified me because I rode too well in the D-category? If so, how can I tell if I’m DQ’d?

Anyway… following that, I rode the open-category race on Friday at 2pm EST, but still no jersey. The last thing might be to ride the open-category at 8:30pm EST?

Or, is there some other element I’m missing?

For example, do I need to sign up for the race officially, possibly on a website?

Do I need to be an actual race candidate to get the jersey; that is, do I need to have a series of things enabled to qualify as a race contestant? Although I’m in zwiftpower and have my Zwift account connected to my Strava account, it may be this is not enough for TFC themselves to have everything they need to see me as an actual racer.

Grasping for straws here… but it is possible the jersey is called something else than TFC in my garage? Maybe I already have it? I looked through my jerseys for something with black lettering that says TFC, but if when I maybe already earned it, it was called something else and looked different in the past? Therefore, the more recent rides won’t provide a newer version of the jersey?

I’ve done plenty of TFC rides in the past so thought I would check to see if I had a jersey - unsure if the events had a Jersey unlock but I dont have one.

I’d suggest you contact TFC and ask them if the jersey unlock is still working and people getting them, and if so, contact Zwift support.

You should only have to do an event with the unlock so you are doing nothing wrong as far as I can see.

Thank you Vern! I have the exact same issue!

In looking for something new to do in Zwift, I found jersey collecting via event specific unlock (zero interest in the jerseys that take no effort and are merely unlocked with a code). So the TFC ride was the first one that found that had a jersey unlock option, so I am wondering if I did something wrong.

Like Vern mentions, I rode the race in the evening in the US this past Friday.

I signed up on Zwift in advance, everything seemed to work fine. I finished the event (visible in the screenshot) Yes I did another ride just in case it showed up on the next ride somehow, and I also logged in just now to check and it’s not there) If it’s helpful, half of the riders in this event were not wearing the bright yellow TFC jersey during the ride including me, at the time I just assumed I hadn’t earned it yet.

I can’t include links, but check for yourself in my activity feed - activity/753934266646028080

Oh! The Zwift activity log does say I earned a jersey on the finishline… But I assure you it’s not in my “garage”.

Any idea what went wrong? TIA

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Hello all,

In order to unlock the TFC jersey, complete the TFC Group Ride that is held on Sundays at 18:15 GMT.

Also, check us out and considering joining the team.

Ride on!


Good to know! Thanks for the response Harris. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dean, I looked into contacting TFC, but it looked like the only contact points were through social media, so decided to delay on that. Thanks for checking your account for TFC results.

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Thank you so much Harris! I did the ride today (Sunday 3:15pm EST) and got the jersey. This ride appeared different in that everyone was wearing the jersey; whereas, during the other TFC rides only a few or at most half of the people were wearing the jersey.

It clues me in that if I don’t get a jersey after doing a ride tagged #jerseyunlock, I should proceed to ride all of a club’s rides during a week in order to see which one might unlock the jersey.

Another example is TriOz; one ride didn’t provide the jersey, so I’ll ride all their other rides during a week.

Steve Bikes, I’ve found sometimes the app looks like it has me in a ride, but I’m not actually in it – sort of. There would be clues along the way that something was glitching, and I’d finish the ride, Zwift would record it fine, but the associated badge or jersey would be missing. Nothing to do then but ride it over again! Frustrating, but I try and remind myself I have to exercise anyway.

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Harris was correct. The ride that unlocks the TFC Jersey is the Sunday 18:15 GMT group ride. You’ll know it’s the correct ride because you’ll have the jersey on the whole ride.

Thanks for your help Harris!