Took a Jersey?

Hi everyone! I tried to search for posts on jerseys and see whether I could figure this one out, but am still stumped. I am doing the FTP Builder suggested for beginners and for the second time in three weeks, I see in the replay of my activity at little shirt icon that slides over below the map and says Received Fuego Flats Jersey. Does this mean that there is a new jersey in my garage? I was not going fast at all, and plenty of people were zipping past me the whole way, so it makes me wonder what “took a jersey” means. Also, is there a place to see what the different jerseys are that are unlocked at different levels? I saw a Watopia one go by today in blue and green that I thought was really nice… Thanks!

Not in your garage. It is like a leader’s jersey in a race. Temporary. You had the fastest (women’s) time through the timed Fuego Flat Sprint segment and the jersey changes automatically.
A faster rider can take it from you. There is also a time limit. It is yours for an hour if nobody takes it then it goes to the next fastest person on the list and they have it for an hour from when their time was set or until someone wins it with a faster time.

Jerseys next to names in the game’s rider list indicate they have the fastest times in the segments indicated by the jersey colour. White with red polka dots is one of the KOMs, orange is the Hilly Route fastest lap, green for sprints and so on. I think there are about fourteen in Watopia.


The blue and green Watopia jersey you saw was likely from this year’s Tour of Watopia. Sadly, doing that event was the only way to earn that jersey.

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@MissT, Ok, thanks, I guess there must not have been any other women on the course for a few seconds… I never saw the jersey appear on my avatar, so that added to my confusion. Is the number that appears when you click on the shirt symbol in the activity replay then the amount of time I needed for the segment? During the training workouts, none of the usual sprint prompts like leaderboard and timer appear on the screen, so I didn’t realize I was still “competing” in the sprint segments.

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@Nigel_Tufnel Bummer about the jersey, but thanks for the info. I’ll keep an eye out for the Tour and see whether it’s something I can do next time.

Your avatar doesn’t wear the jersey if you’re in an event, including being in a meetup. It does appear on your avatar if you’re still holding that jersey when the event finishes. Or in a free ride you will instantly wear it. I’m guessing that it doesn’t appear in a workout either, until that finishes?


Beth, I forgot about events and workouts, What Steve said. The jersey was still a nice bonus waiting for you at the end of the ride.

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Hi Beth,
Here’s a great resource explaining the jerseys:

Two tips from me:
  1. ZwiftInsider is a brilliant resource with loads of great info on topics like this.
  2. If you ever want to aim for winning a jersey, it’s easier when it’s quieter, and easier when you ride reverse courses (as most people tend to ride in the “standard” direction").
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@Paul_Rayner, thanks so much for the link! That is more information than I had been able to find, and as a bonus there was information about Strava segments in another article linked at the bottom. Excellent! I am just super amazed and sort of amused that someone like me can end up with the jersey sometimes. What a treat! I started riding to train to be able to ride with my husband hopefully someday, and at between .9 and 1.3ish w/kg (plus being not exactly the youngest anymore), I am thrilled with all the fun, support, and community available thru Zwift. My dream is to make it to 2.5 w/kg, which looks like a pretty normal mid-range wattage for lots of people I see zipping by. I shall make sure I bookmark Zwiftinsider - thanks again!


One of the things I love about Zwift is the huge range of people who are on it. Whatever your level, there are always people on there who are the same speed as you, there are always people who are faster, and there are always people who are slower. It’s a fun place. :slight_smile:


I’m still looking for people who are slower than me (I’m tempted to count people who are stationary)

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I took a jersey, today. (Twice)
The thing I don’t get, is that it was the Fuego flats jersey, and I was riding the volcano climb.

I was riding Tempus Fugit, last night, which covers Fuego Flats, but there is no way (even in my wildest imagination) that I was anywhere near the top 75% of riders, never mind the fastest.

What’s going on?

Hi Robert,
Such a mysterious situation! Since I also took a jersey at one point that I was skeptical about, I know what you mean. I have decided that it is fun and encouraging to wear the jersey and not to worry if it is a program glitch that caused it. I really did get the volcano climb jersey once, but that was because I was the only woman on that part of the course at the time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

Take it and run, I say! Or better, Ride On!

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Hi @Robert_Armour !

I am working on transferring my data from the companion app into a spreadsheet (ack) so I can see whether I am progressing or not and happened to come across the ride I did where I also took the Fuego Flats jersey twice.
I noticed that the date was my birthday! Was the day you took the jerseys by any chance your birthday? Maybe Zwift has it programmed that way as a birthday treat?
Just a crazy thought…

Nice idea, but no, it wasn’t my birthday. :slight_smile:

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Darn! :joy: I thought I had it figured out :rofl:.

Twice for the same effort? You could have won the women’s jersey and the overall jersey. You only “wear” the women’s jersey, but both appear in your results.

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