Why exit game to get the jersey?

Why does one have to exit Zwift and re-login to be awarded with the event’s Jersey?

How difficult is it to code such that one gets it upon completion, while on-course???

My jersey for the fondo last weekend was actually available immediately in the garage, without exiting the game at the end of the fondo


Actually, I don’t know when it appeared there - but the banner took the exit-reenter to appear.

Obviously, we Zwifters have become accustomed to a lot of illogical implementation decisions by Zwift. Decisions nobody cares to revisit.

I think mostly jerseys become available at the time.
I can recall some instances however where they are available after a specific date.

I’m used to jerseys becoming available after exiting and restarting Zwift, as B_CN described. Start Zwift the next time, and a banner appears, announcing the new jersey, and there it is in the garage. So I was pleasantly surprised last weekend when the fondo jersey announcement appeared while still riding, after crossing the finish line. And there it was, in the garage, to wear while riding for a few more minutes.